The Motherfucking Kamikazay
I'm Isaac, I'm a natural Dom and
happily taken by a beautiful girl who calls herself Nati. You're welcome to enjoy my blog
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Anonymous: Random fact: I like to grab my cock with both hands & have a girl lick just my head all sensual n shit while I stroke w/ both hands. Then, I take my hands off my meat stick & put em on her head, push it down & make her choke on the cock she got so hard, so she can feel the good job she did in her throat. After that, I just handle her. Flip her around & pound that shit until her pussy is throbbing sore from my dick, her throats sore from screaming pleasure & her body is sore from being handled.


i love to grab my meat too
and then i put it on the bread with the mustard and mayo
and i get the kraft cheese
makin that bomb ass sandwich n shit


butts ;)